What Are Worldviews? Why Do Worldviews Matter? How Does One Change Worldviews?

This 20-minute talk may be the best introduction to “worldview” that you’ll find online.

Tim Keller Speaks at Google on “Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical”

Tim Keller makes his case for faith in the Christian God before an audience of Google employees.

Watch an Entirely Free, Seminary-Level Course with Carl Trueman on the Reformation

If you ever wanted to take a seminary course on the Reformation, or simply want to brush up on your church history, you can watch this free video course online taught by internationally respected scholar Carl Trueman.

A Reformation Bibliography

Professor Carl Trueman, who has taught on the Reformation for over two decades, provides a bibliography of primary and secondary sources across 11 categories—along with the basic textbook he would recommend that students study.

Finding God in My Loneliness: A Conversation with Lydia Brownback

I sat down with Lydia Brownback to talk about her new book and why loneliness is not just an issue for single people but for all of us.

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey

An interview with the world’s leading historian on the execution of the 18-year-old Reformation queen, Lady Jane Grey, who died in 1554.

The Quest to Make Abortion Unthinkable Is Not Just a White Evangelical Issue

A short and compelling video from Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile.

A Christian Vision for the 21st Century

David Powlison once called this “the most riveting description of the goal of Christian living that I’ve ever read.” Written a century ago it repays careful reading today.

Why Eugene Peterson Has Never Stopped Reading Calvin’s Institutes

When Eugene Peterson was in seminary, the name “John Calvin” was in “particularly bad odor.” But that all changed for Peterson when he started reading “The Institutes” for himself.

Why I Would Like to See a Moratorium on Using the Word “Literal” When It Comes to Biblical Interpretation

“Literal” is an ambiguous word that facilitates confusion and should either be avoided or defined in order to produce greater clarity in communicating meaning.