An Important but Neglected Tool for Clear Thinking: Learn to “Divide the Issue”

There are a lot of important steps in understanding, making, and countering an argument (define terms, follow the laws of logic, etc.) But “dividing the issue” is just as important—and neglected. Here’s an illustration from a piece on global warming.

This (↔) Is About That (↕)

A beautiful little video from Andrew Wilson and friends on how marriage is about the gospel—followed by a sit-down interview with Ray Ortlund on his book “Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel.”

B. B. Warfield’s Analogy for the Trinity in the Old Testament

The old Princeton theologians explains that while the mystery of the Trinity is not revealed in the OT, but the mystery of the Trinity underlies the entire OT revelation.

When a Secular Palaeoentomologist (and the Spokesman for the Darwin Museum Exhibit) Began Reading Intelligent Design Literature

Günter Bechly specializes in the fossil history and systematics of insects. For 17 years he served as the curator for amber and fossil insects in the Department of Paleontology at the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart. In 2009 he was chosen to head the largest museum exhibit in Germany celebrating the bicentennial of Darwin’s birth. But the he started reading the Intelligent Design literature.

Lord, If You Had Been Here: A Poem for Easter

A poem for Easter, based on John 11 and 19.

12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

A creative video introducing Tony Reinke’s incredibly wise and perceptive new book.

Read the Bible Like John Piper: 68% Off a Book and Bible Bundle

A great deal from WTS Books (ends 4/20/17).

Odd Thomas on the Gospel in 3 Minutes

Whether you’re marked by reason, religion, reservation, or resentment—all of us need the resurrection of the Redeemer.

Evangelicalism ≠ The Christian Right: An Important Book Review

“Part of the reason we need good history is to show that perceptions, especially those perpetuated by the media, need correction—that there’s more to a movement than its most visible, loud, and sometimes outrageous public figures.”

A Guide to the Entire Cast of Characters During Jesus’s Final Week

All of the people listed in the glossary and reference guide for “The Final Days of Jesus: The Most Important Week of the Most Important Person Who Ever Lived.”