Fair-Minded Criticism Is an Acquired Taste that Can Become One of Life’s Best Pleasures

This is the best piece I’ve read on the uncomfortable experience of being criticized—and why it can be such a gift.

Do the Next Thing

An old poem that instructed and encouraged Elisabeth Elliot, who popularized it for a new generation.

Exploring Jonathan Edwards World: With Drawings and Google Maps

Tracking down the exactly locations throughout Edwards’s 18th-century New England life.

Four Smart Guys Sit Down to Talk about “How to Think”

Especially in this day and age of anti-intellectualism and fractured tribalism, we all need to grow in the virtues of good thinking. Alan Jacobs is here to help.

How Historians Are Quietly Rewriting the Typical Story of American Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism

It has not yet trickled down to the public, but historians are quietly rewriting the narrative of American fundamentalism that George Marsden popularized for nearly 40 years.

What Happens When Two Moral Philosophers Deconstruct a Gotcha Pro-Choice Twitter Meme

A viral tweetstorm offered a drop-the-mic thought experiment that purported to show that pro-lifers don’t really believe life begins at conception. Two moral philosophers show why the argument doesn’t work.

Why Does Scripture Say that “God Is Light”?

This talk by Fred Sanders—on the theology of the Trinity in 1 John—reminds me of what a thoughtful and creative pedagogue he is.

Timothy George Lectures on the Reformation

“It would be difficult to identify a scholar who can deliver a better public lecture than Timothy George.”

Who Was Charles Fuller?

An introductory video on evangelist Charles E. Fuller (1887–1968), who cofounded Fuller Theological Seminary 70 years ago.

Did the Fundamentalists Really Retreat from Culture?

“Despite the claims of post–World War II evangelicals such as Carl Henry, fundamentalists never expressed indifference to the world around them nor did they ever lack interest in influencing the broader culture.”