Life is Short

Numbering our days is not an excuse for irresponsibility. It’s an invitation to think more seriously about eternity.

Protestant and Catholic: What’s the Difference?

Should Catholics and Protestants treat each other decently and with respect? Of course. Will we labor side by side on important moral and social matters? Quite often. Can we find born again Christians worshiping in Catholic churches? I’m sure. But are the disagreements between Protestants and Catholics, therefore, negligible? Hardly.

Serious Sins

In fact, when the Bible rattles off a series of sins, it tends to mention many of the same ones. And while we don’t want to do ethics by list making, it is instructive to note what sins are mentioned, how often, and in what place.

Christ Covenant Church Website Redesign and New App

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Reformation Conference October 27-28, 2017

Join us in celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation on October 27-28 at Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, North Carolina. The conference, entitled “The Gospel of Grace & Glory: The Reformation at 500 and Counting,” is sponsored by Christ Covenant Church and Reformed Theological Seminary.

What a Worship Director Loves

The body of Christ doesn’t need exquisite musicians who happen to find church work as much as they need committed churchmen and godly worshipers gifted in music.

One More Time on Game of Thrones

I cannot imagine how anyone growing closer to the God of the Bible will want to see more sex and nudity, or that anyone has found shows like Game of Thrones to be a serious blessing in seeing and savoring Christ.

Monday Morning Humor

A Word for Imperfect, But Persistent Pastors

John Calvin, in dedicating his Commentary on John (1553) to the Syndics and Council of Geneva:

Farther, as I freely acknowledge before the world that I am very far from possessing the careful diligence and the other virtues which the greatness and excellence of the office requires in a good Pastor, and as I continually bewail before God the numerous sins which obstruct my progress, so I venture to declare that I am not without an honest and sincere desire to perform my duty.

There’s a sentence most pastors feel much of the time, especially with Sunday coming. Lord, help us, we’re trying.

It Wasn’t That Long Ago

Do we need really need one more hot take on Charlottesville? Here is one simple observation–an observation that until recently I would have missed.