Why I Love the Evening Service (And You Can Too)

Here are a few reasons why I’m thankful for the evening service and why I hope you’ll consider keeping yours, going to yours, finding a neighboring church that has one, or even starting one at your church.

For the Sake of Your Conscience

When Marin Luther rode into the town of Worms in 1521, he was not a confident man.

Luther had long protested against the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church – most famously in 1517 with the posting of his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg.  After years of ensuing controversy, Pope Leo X finally excommunicated the German reformer in January 1521.  In April of that year, Luther was summoned to appear before the Imperial Diet (Assembly) at Worms to defend his controversial beliefs before the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.  We may think of Luther as big and brash and full of swagger, but he came into Worms so intimidated that on the first day of his defense his statements could barely be understood.  The Catholic authorities were threatening to banish him from Charles’ empire – a vast territory centered in Germany and spanning central Europe.  Luther’s livelihood as a professor, and his very life, were at stake.

Luther knew what the authorities wanted him to do:  recant his words criticizing the Catholic Church for its teaching and practices.  However fearful he may have been at the outset, by the end of the interrogation Luther had gathered his strength.  “My conscience is captive to the Word of God,” Luther declared.  “Thus I cannot and will not repent, for going against my conscience is neither safe nor salutary.  I can do no other.  Here I stand.  God help me.  Amen.”

On May 26, 1521, the Emperor rendered his …

Monday Morning Humor

I hope you’re summer is filled with as much delight as Bob’s.

A New Beginning

We are here in Charlotte and things are going well. Our new church family has been exceedingly kind, generous, and welcoming. The staff has been great to work with. The kids are having fun exploring. And we are off and running.

Theological Primer: Limited Atonement

If the atonement is not particularly and only for the sheep, then either we have universalism–Christ died in everyone’s place and therefore everyone is saved–or we have something less than full substitution.

Monday Morning Humor

Today is, by America’s calendar reckoning, 7-10-17, or without the hyphens, 71017. That’s right: today begins ten straight days of palindromic dates. Enjoy.

Thank God for the Idea of America

Patriotism is not beneath the Christian, even for citizens of a superpower.

A Time to Weep, And a Time to Laugh

I want the dear saints in East Lansing to know how grateful I am to have been their under-shepherd for the last thirteen years.

East Lansing Farmer’s Market: Isn’t There a Better Way?

You may have heard: East Lansing, Michigan is in the news.

The city of East Lansing is now facing a lawsuit when it comes to the city’s farmers market.

The suit was filed this morning after the city excluded Charlotte-area farmer Steve Tennes and his family from selling their crops at the farmer’s market because of the family’s religious beliefs.

The dispute started in August last year when a person reached out to Steve Tennes on the Country Mill’s Farm Facebook page regarding their religious marital beliefs.

Tennes responded honestly stating he and his family will not book same-sex couple weddings at their farm because it is against their religious views.

Since then, the situation escalated and the city of East Lansing refused Tennes and his family a spot at the farmer’s market and now the Tennes family is taking legal action against East Lansing.

Depending on whom you listen to, East Lansing is either standing up to bigots or violating the First Amendment rights of Catholic farmers. As the latest in a growing list of same-sex marriage disputes, it’s no surprise the story has been garnered local, statewide, and national attention.

I might as well put my cards on the table: as an evangelical Christian who believes in the historic definition of marriage, and as an American citizen concerned with the erosion of religious liberty, I support the Tennes family and am thankful that Alliance Defending Freedom has taken up their case. But rather than repeating …

What We Need Most

There is no growing apart from gazing, and no becoming like Christ without beholding him in his glory.