The Greatness of Giving Thanks

Sure, it’s easier to be happy when everything is coming up roses, but we’ve all known people who seem to have everything, and yet are terrifically unhappy. Conversely, we all know people who seem to find hidden blessings in every trial. Grumbler or thanks-giver: we really do have a choice.

Magnify Conference 2017

Even though I’m no longer in Michigan, I still want to commend to you the Magnify Conference. Magnify is a two-day conference at University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan. This year’s conference is December 1-2. Magnify is a great opportunity to meet other brothers and sisters from mid-Michigan (and beyond) and hear excellent teaching. It’s also inexpensive–only $5 for students and $10 for adults! The keynote speaker this year is Derek Thomas, a native of Wales who is currently the Senior Minister at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina. The theme is “Heaven on Earth.” Here is the…

Two Things That Should Be Obvious

So let us never excuse what we should condemn–in others or in ourselves. Sin is ugly, and no less so when committed by beautiful or powerful people.

Monday Morning Humor

I’m sure there is some biblical lesson to be learned here.

When Everything Is Missions

The theme of the book is simple and provocative: we are not all missionaries and not everything is missions, and if we don’t get these definitions correct we will not be effective in carrying out the mission Christ gave to the church.

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A Mighty Fortress

A Reformation of Confidence

‘Your prayer is not one cent less valuable than St. Peter’s.’

The Stupidity of Sin

Everyone who knows the Bible, knows people, or knows his own heart, knows this to be true: sin makes us stupid.

Two Indispensable Requirements for Pastoral Ministry

The people who do their jobs best usually like their jobs most. And we like following people who like what they do.

Monday Morning Humor

We recently bought a refrigerator. It keeps our food cold for a thousand bucks.