Theology for the Sake of the Church

Seminaries need to provide a rich theological education because pastors and the church need good theology. 

A Pastor’s Reflections: License to Sin?

One of the more common patterns that appears in the church is when people find themselves in the midst of suffering, they believe they have a license to sin. Sometimes they do this consciously, although at times it might be an involuntary reaction.

The Church in the Old Testament

These various gatherings of God’s covenant community, the visible church, look quite different throughout history. 

A Pastor’s Reflections: Considering a Call

What things should you consider when you’re considering taking a call? Some seminarians don’t think much about it and are willing to serve wherever they can get a church, but others have very specific criteria including the type of church, …

The Spirituality of the Church

The Spirituality of the church, rightly understood and taught, is liberating for Pastors and Christ’s church.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Why I Write, pt. 2

In last week’s post I gave the first four reasons why I write: to be a good steward, to improve my communication skills, to improve my teaching, and to make helpful contributions to the church’s ongoing discussion of doctrine. In this week’s post, I conclude with the final three reasons.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Why I Write, part 1

Over the years I have had a number of people ask me why do I write theology books and essays, so I figured I’d do the expected thing and write an answer! I don’t know why other people write, but I have my own reasons.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Frozen Chosen?

Reformed churches have a long-standing reputation for being the “frozen chosen.” There are a number of historic factors that contribute to this well-known but mistaken characterization including a concern for the purity of doctrine, worship…

A Pastor’s Reflections: Eschatological Bombs

When new seminarians first begin their theological education I suspect they are overwhelmed with the tidal wave of new terminology that comes their way.

Justification and Pastoral Ministry

The biblical truth of justification—that God declares guilty lawbreakers forgiven and right in his sight by his grace alone, on the ground of Jesus’ blood and righteousness alone, as they trust Christ alone—has enormous ramifications …