Weekend A La Carte (June 23)

Today’s Kindle deals include some pretty good books that cross lots of categories. (Yesterday on the blog: 10 Books Every Christian Should Read) Are Southern Baptists Turning Into Feminists? Denny Burk replies to an article in the New York Times suggesting that Southern Baptists are becoming feminists. Verses for Your Conversations with Mormons “As I was reviewing a very basic list of verses for conversations with Mormons that I compiled a while back, I thought you might find it useful, as …

North Edinburgh Mission

From Monday 4th to Wednesday 6th June, North Edinburgh RPCS hosted three nights of outreach services. With the help of this year’s RP Mission Team, 7500 invitations were distributed in the community surrounding the school in which we meet. However, while we are always prayerful that God will bring in those none of us know (and […]

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God Is Building His Temple in Palestine

Recently, I had the privilege and joy of spending several days at a conference with evangelical Palestinian Christians. They seek to follow Christ and be subject to the word of God, just like other evangelical Christians. I met some with a passion for …

Class is Over, but Keep Studying with a Tough Topics Bundle

It’s that time in the academic year when professors emerge from marking papers and exams looking like they’ve been released from prison. It’s also that time when high-strung undergraduates and seminary students suddenly seem to float off the ground as the burden of classwork and final exam prep slides off their aching shoulders. But it’s […]

Three Reasons to Read a New Book on Fundamentalism

An outsider to fundamentalism helps us understand on-the-ground fundamentalism and how they disagreed on the very definition of fundamentalism.

AGR: Is 1 Timothy 2 Still God’s Word?

Christians face now the same great and unending struggle we have always faced: how to recognize when we are being more influenced by the culture than we are by the Word of God. The contours of that struggle have changed over the . . . Continue reading …

Free Stuff Fridays (Cruciform Press)

This week’s Free Stuff Friday is sponsored by Cruciform Press.  Getting to know that special someone naturally involves learning about family and friends, education and athletics, favorite pastimes, and your hopes and dreams. Ideally, you’ll talk about life’s best moments and worst, the brightest places in your background and the darkest.   But what about God? What is his role in your relationship? What do each of you believe about him, and how do you understand his dream for marriage—for your …

Free eBook: ‘Not Yet Married’

This weekend only, download ‘Not Yet Married’ free of charge in three digital formats, and learn to live and date for more than marriage.Read Now

10 Books Every Christian Should Read

I believe that of all the questions I receive, the most common relate to books. What are some books I ought to read? Can you recommend a book on this subject or that subject? What should I read next? I’m happy to answer such questions, but thought I might be able to answer a bunch at once by suggesting 10 books that every Christian ought to read. Transcript As you can probably imagine, I get a lot of feedback from …

Why You Are Still a Christian

The human heart is like clay in God’s hands. He causes our hearts to turn to him, and he will keep us believing.Watch Now