The True Israel of God

Here’s an excerpt from The True Israel of God, Burk Parsons’ contribution to the October issue of Tabletalk.
“Father Abraham had many sons, many sons had father Abraham. I am one of them and so are you…,” so the old children’s song goes. Althoug…

Considering (and surviving) unhealthy Christian organizations, Part 3

Previously, Ed wrote about six signs you may be working in an unhealthy Christian organization and how to discern from God when he might want you to leave or stay. Today, in the third and final post, he looks at how an organization moves from unhealth…

How to Keep the Sabbath on a Thursday

A friend of mine once brought to mind a truth that I have seen played out many times in conversation. Upon meeting someone, people in my  generation (good ol’ Generation X) will quickly ask, “What do you do for fun?” People in the generations before me will quickly ask, “What do you do for work?”  I live […]

When the Coin in Coffer Clinks, the Cost of Bandwidth Shrinks

Cheesy yes, but you won’t forget it will you? The HB is self-hosted but you can help the HB defray the cost of renting space on the computer and of bandwidth (the cost of . . . Continue reading →

A Cure for Romanticism About the 2nd Century

Each fall I teach a lecture course on the Ancient Church and a seminar on Patristics. For the first half of the seminar we use Michael Holmes (3rd edition) of the Apostolic Fathers. . . . Continue reading →

Is an Embryo Like a Bean?

Ross Douthat gives a careful and patient takedown of a pro-abortion-choice columnist’s critique of Paul Ryan.

Why Not Voting is Not an Option

As the political election approaches in America, many Christians boldly proclaim that Jesus is King. Such a statement is often coupled with a declaration that they will not be voting, especially given the apparent choices in the presidential election. For perhaps different reasons, Thabiti Anyabwile writes at The Gospel Coalition: “I’m ‘voting’ by not voting.” […]

My Favorite Part of the Debate Last Night

The Lead of the Free World. One challenger. And one woman with a name that apparently baffled them.

"More light, Lord!" (Jeremy Walker)

Light is one of those commodities, like oxygen, much underestimated until one finds oneself in need of it. I am particularly conscious of this because my desk light – a quite splendid piece of kit – decided to pack up rather suddenly a few days ago. Be…

Join the 2012 #Truth4Inmates Campaign

“As an inmate, I have been the beneficiary of a Tabletalk subscription graciously provided by friends of Ligonier. I really, really have profited from this great gift. I’m learning so much and am growing in grace – and I’ve been sharing the trut…