A La Carte (3/20)

Praying for Politicians – “Having been a minister for twenty-six years and an editor of a church magazine for some of that time, I can safely say that there is no subject more likely to get you into controversy than the troubled relationship of the gospel to politics, unless you dare to touch the modern-day idol of people’s children.” That’s a good start to a good article.

Romans 12:1-2 – I don’t think anyone could ever exhaust the riches of Romans 12:1-2. Here is a short take on how that text provides the why, what and how of Christian living.

Google Glass – Expect to see the media inundated with articles about Google Glass in the days to come. This one makes the rather obvious comparison to Orwell’s Big Brother but then asks, “what would you say if instead of it being Google Glass, it was Government Glass? A revolutionary way of improving public services, some may say. Call me a cynic, but I don’t think it’d have much success.”

Top Ten Sentence Slip-Ups – “Creating correct sentences is a technical process that offers set guidelines for getting the structure right. Within those guidelines, we have the opportunity to flex our creative muscles in all kinds of unique ways (and even to occasionally burst the bounds of those guidelines if we have good reason for doing so). But in discovering how and where to flex in order to tap our prose potential without inappropriately bursting those bounds, we should first learn to spot the most prevalent sentence slips-ups and know when to eliminate them from our stories.”

Photographer’s Notebook – Note: There are some [non-sexually] graphic photos in this gallery. “It’s been 10 years since U.S.-led forces waged war in Iraq. In this collection of some of Reuters iconic images from the conflict, the photographers provide a personal account of the events they captured.”

Read the Fine Print – Trevin Wax says that we need to read the fine print before agreeing to any kind of “marriage equality.” “As the Supreme Court considers the merits of adopting or banning same-sex marriage, many politicians are voicing their support for changing the law. But just as smart shoppers know to look beyond an advertisement to read the fine print, Americans should look beyond the surface issues to the surprising details no one is discussing.”

Most people are brought to faith in Christ not by argument for it, but by exposure to it. –Samuel Shoemaker

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Dead is Dead

Sometimes I think we forget that Jesus died. Not cognitively, that’s easy enough to acknowledge. But we forgot that He was dead. “Jesus died on the cross for our sins” is so much a part of Christian nomenclature that it has lost its shock value. Dead …

In love and in debt: Young couples and money

There is far greater joy in households where money is saved before it is spent. Reject the cultural premise that borrowing for everything is normal.
Since money problems are one of the top causes of divorce in the U.S., financial guidance is certainly…

Flower Power: T.U.L.I.P. Analyzed and Applied

James tells us in 1:22 that the person who hears God’s word without doing God’s word is engaged in self-deceit.  Obviously, self-deceit is subtle.  How are we to know when we are self-deceived in our walk with the Lord?  According to James, we are successfully lying to ourselves when our lives do not change according […]

Where Did the Idea of Having a Pope Come From?

David Wells explains the Catholic position and then suggests what he thinks actually took place.

Scotland and Africa (Iain D Campbell)

Today is the 200th anniversary of the birth of David Livingstone, the Scot who brought the gospel to Africa. Having just visited South Africa, I’ve been struck with the vibrancy of the Reformed faith in many parts of the country, and wonder, in spite o…

Making Our Prayer Requests More Biblical

A great article from David Powlison. “Retooling our prayer requests is an accessible way for believers in a church to begin to teach each other to talk about the things that really matter, the things that are on God’s heart.”

Unjust Inclosures

At one time large swaths of pasture lands, fields, and forests were open in England for local people to use for such things as pasturing animals, gathering wood, or hunting.  Yet through “Inclosure Acts” passed by Parliament, particularly in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, increasingly these lands were “inclosed” (enclosed) or restricted to be used […]

Banning Straight Marriage (Carl Trueman)

I guess it had to happen.  A United Methodist Church has decided to ban straight marriage.   Must be the ‘yuck factor’, I guess.

Muller on Calvin’s Doctrine of Union with Christ Through Faith

“Calvin’s understanding of union with Christ, as accomplished by the work of the Spirit through faith, was foundational to his soteriological expression from the time of the second edition of his Institutes and the initial publication of his Romans commentary. Given, moreover, . . . Continue reading →