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Elder’s Guide, Black & Reformed, OT Reading Tips, Free Budget Guide, Choosing a College, Psalm 8 Explodes

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Elder’s Guide, Black & Reformed, OT Reading Tips, Free Budget Guide, Choosing a College, Psalm 8 Explodes

A La Carte (1/9)

There are lots of book and ebook deals to tell you about. The Kindle version of Michael Horton’s book Christless Christianity is down to $2.99 for a limited time. Meanwhile, Crossway has all of their ebooks on sale for $5.99 or less. Also, Westminster Books has discounted their 2012 bestsellers by 50%. Finally, Granted Ministries is selling 10-packs of Paul Washer’s new book The Gospel’s Power and Message for just $80, which is 60% off retail pricing.

A Hundredfold – This is a powerful article on the struggle with homosexuality. “Homosexuality is an issue I have battled with my entire Christian life. It took a long time to admit to myself, longer to admit to others, and even longer to see something of God’s good purposes through it all.” (HT)

What Is Heaven Like? – I appreciated reading Ed Welch’s thoughts on what heaven is like, and his growing understanding and appreciation of what awaits him there.

The Wimpy Kid – Parents of pre-teens may be interested in reading Redeemed Reader’s take on Diary of a Wimpy Kid and its growing number of imitators.

The Key to a Strong Marriage – Owen Strachan: “Every marriage is under attack. Marriage is given to humanity by God as, ultimately, an expression and picture of his love for his people. Satan, the anti-aesthete and anti-tutor, wants to tear this living image down. There is much to work on in marriage, but it strikes me that there is a single key that unlocks the door to health: humble repentance.”

What Thieves Cannot Break Through and Steal – “Last Wednesday, the third day of this year, I was working at my desk at school when Christie called me on my cell. She said a jumble of things [in my mind] but also something close to, ‘some men just came into our house…they put a gun to Karsten’s head….and put him in the closet.’”

Landscapes – This is just phenomenal timelapse photography. Treat yourself to this four-minute film (full-screen and HD if you can!).

It is difficult to see how Christianity can have a positive effect on society if it cannot transform its own homes. —John MacArthur

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The Sanctity of Human Life

In biblical terms, the sanctity of human life is rooted and grounded in creation. Mankind is not viewed as a cosmic accident but as the product of a carefully executed creation by an eternal God. Human dignity is derived from God. Man as a finite, dep…

The gospel ministry (Jeremy Walker)

The following quote is from Benjamin Wadsworth’s introduction to The Gospel Ministry by Thomas Foxcroft:The right performance of this work [of gospel ministry] is attended with many and great difficulties, partly from the various, frequent, furious ass…

The Preaching of the Word: An Offer of Grace and Summons to Embrace It

Therefore one has in the preaching of the Word an offer of the promise of grace and a summons to embrace it; both are directed in this way to the elect as well as to the reprobate. But only in the elect . . . Continue reading →

Was Spurgeon the Original Inspiration for the “Footprints” Poem?

It’s not so kitschy on the lips of the Prince of Preachers!

Why Adoption Is a Higher Blessing than Justification

J. I. Packer explains that “Justification is the basic blessing, on which adoption is founded; adoption is the crowning blessing, to which justification clears the way.”

Before the Word-Faith Hucksters

Before the modern Word-Faith (“name it and claim it” or “health and wealth”) preachers there was a huckster named Johann Tetzel (1465–1519). He is famous for his marketing of the medieval practice of selling indulgences with the jingle, “When the coin in . . . Continue reading →

My Rocky Mountain High

Over the holiday break my wife and I spent a delightful extended weekend in Colorado.  While journeying through the streets of Colorado Springs, one of our hosts pointed out the new marijuana shops that have opened up since the legalization took effect.  All I can say is that some may get their “Colorado Rocky Mountain […]