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Connected Yet Lonely, Leadership Falls, Thinking Time, Proverbs and Prosperity

Expedition 16: The Devil Attacks

Here’s the video to show your kids at the end of Expedition 16 of Exploring the Bible.

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Puritan Documentary, Westminster Confession Course, New Teaching Challenges, Ten Commandments Prayer

Technology and Our Relationship with God

The deeper and healthier our relationship with God, the more that satisfying friendship and communion will replace technology in our lives and also regulate it so that our use of it is more balanced and beneficial.

Seven Marks of a Workaholic

Workaholism is probably the most respectable sin in the Christian community, and maybe especially among pastors.

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Pray for Andrew Brunson, Social Media Sin, Prioritizing Requests, Mariah Carey and Mental Illness Stigma

Expedition 15: A Rebuilt Nation

Here’s the video to show your kids at the end of Expedition 15 of Exploring the Bible. If you want to bookmark a page where all the videos will eventually appear, you can find them on my blog, on YouTube, or the Facebook page for Exploring the Bible. If

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Lessons from an email audit, Mental Illness and the Church, Saying ‘No’ in Ministry

The One Boast that God Approves Of

If we’re boasting in the cross, we cannot boast about ourselves. If we’re boasting about ourselves, we’re not really boasting in the cross

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A Shocking Message, Speaking without Notes, Counseling Anxiety and Depression, The Pleasure of Boredom