What to Do When God Feels Absent

God promises that he will never leave you or forsake you. You can take your anxiety to him and trust him through your despair.Watch Now

Is My Joy Essential in Glorifying God?

Our enjoyment of God is not only a response to God’s glory — it is the way we glorify him. Therefore, joy in God is not optional.Listen Now

Philippians 2:9–11: You Will Bow Before Him

You have two options when it comes to Christ: submit to him joyfully now and gain your life, or submit to him begrudgingly later and lose it.Watch Now

No One Steals from God

No one can take what Jesus has purchased. No one will stop him from redeeming his people from across the globe.Watch Now

Reflections on the Seashells Sermon, 18 Years Later

Eighteen years after OneDay 2000, Pastor John reflects on a sermon that roused thousands of young people to not waste their lives.Listen Now

Philippians 2:9–11: Worthy Is the Lamb Who Was Slain!

You may not bow to him now. You may not bow to him next year. But a day draws near when every knee will bow before Jesus Christ.Watch Now

Follow Wisdom, Find Life

Money can buy almost anything we need, but it can’t provide a path to everlasting happiness and joy. Only God’s wisdom leads to life.Watch Now

How Do I Know If a Sermon Is Too Long or Too Short?

Is there an ideal sermon length? Pastor John gives five factors to consider when trying to decide how long to preach.Listen Now

What Is the Place of Eloquence in Christian Preaching?

From alliteration and assonance to metaphors, imagery, and illustrations — what role does creativity, imagination, and rhetoric have in preaching?Listen Now

Why God Showed Us His Glory

God made the world to show and share his glory. He not only wants you to see his glory and know about it — he wants you to taste, enjoy, and shine with it.Watch Now