Do You Still Wonder at the Bible?

The Bible isn’t a collection of cute stories, but the very words of Almighty God. No object in the world should cause us to wonder more.Watch Now

When God Answers ‘No’ to Our Prayers

How do we not let a no from God squelch our joy in him? John Piper offers two anchors of hope to help us remain steady in the struggle.Listen Now

Who Put Jesus on the Cross?

Even when Judas betrayed Jesus, Satan was never running the show. Demonic scheming never called the shots; divine love did.Watch Now

How to Misinterpret the Bible

Bible studies are weakened because few believe that there are right and wrong interpretations of the Bible.Watch Now

When Satan Tempts You to Despair

Unbelief, not faith, hides from Jesus after falling into sin. Trust runs to the one we have offended for the grace and mercy Jesus already purchased at the cross.Watch Now

The Bible’s Meaning Never Changes

God’s word alone will stand forever. From age to age, country to country, and reader to reader, God’s truth, as revealed in Scripture, remains the same.Watch Now

Why God Sanctifies Us Slowly

If God changed us in an instant, we wouldn’t have to depend on him every single day for mercy to keep us going.Watch Now

Five Reasons Not to Be Anxious

The remedy for every anxiety is not one-time deliverance. The remedy for every turmoil is continual trust in the Deliverer.Watch Now

Does God Want Me to Be Happy or Holy?

Does God want us to be happy or holy? John Piper explains how holiness and happiness are not at odds, but work together.Listen Now

Read to Discover Meaning, Not Create It

Those who come to a text without humility will only leave with their opinions. Those who come to the Bible to learn will leave with God’s truth.Watch Now