An Interview with Mark Noll and George Marsden on Billy Graham

Mark Noll and George Marsden are two of the finest students and scholars of 20th century evangelicalism in America. So I wanted to ask them a few questions about the life and legacy of the great evangelist Billy Graham (1918–2018).

An Interview with Billy Graham’s Best Biographer

No journalist, historian, or scholar had more access to Billy Graham than William Martin. Here is a conversation with Graham’s definitive biographer on the eve of a new edition of the book.

Billy Graham (1918–2018)

“Someday,” the great evangelist once said, “you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead.” Here’s what he said we should think when we hear this news.

80 Years Ago Today: The Conversion of John Stott

80 years ago today, the young John Stott sensed for the first time that Jesus was not merely standing on the door outside his life, knocking, but had now entered in.

The Incredible Testimony as a Former Gymnast Confronts Her Sexual Abuser in Court

Watch the incredible moment when Rachael Denhollander speaks the gospel into the life of a man who robbed her (and countless other young girls) of their sexual innocence.

Why Cynicism Is One of the Historian’s Great Gifts to the Church

Phyllis Tickle once claimed that Brian McLaren was our Luther and the Emergent Church was a new Reformation. Carl Trueman explains why having historians who barely stifle their horselaugh is a gift to the church.

R.C. Sproul (1939–2017)

A look back at the life, theology, and ministry of one of the great popularizers of Reformed theology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

What If We All Pitched in to Help Young Urban Adults Make More Disciples of Jesus Christ?

For some of us, this is an opportunity to stop merely complaining or lamenting and start putting our money where our mouth is.

The Original Thanksgiving Menu in the Fall of 1621

‘Instead of a pious warm-up for a glum Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws, the Plymouth Harvest Festival of 1621 was more like Woodstock, an outdoor celebration that just sort of happened.’

Serving the Families of Inmates: A Great Idea that Churches Should Try

Wouldn’t it be beautiful, healing, servant-hearted, and Christ-honoring if more churches caught a vision like this?