Taylor Weaver on “What makes a good Biblical Scholar or Theologian?”

My most salient advice for biblical scholars and theologians is: be aware of the diversity of your discipline, and work hard toward inculcating permeable boundaries for the disciplinary city. Those marginal spaces in the discipline are essential for the future of biblical studies and/or theology. We all note the importance of historical-critical work in all […]

Academic Jobs in Biblical Studies and Theology: Sep 15-22, 2018

This week has seen over 30 new postings in the lead-up to SBL in Denver, with jobs on offer from New York to Singapore, Indiana to Chile. Happy Hunting. President, Christian Theological Seminary, IN Executive Vice President and Dean, Brite Divinity School, TX Dean, School of Ministry Studies, Grace College and Seminary, IN Sophia Moses […]

Interview: Chris Keith on the LNTS Series

I recently had the opportunity to ask a few questions of Chris Keith, the editor of the prestigious NT monograph series LNTS, the Library of New Testament Studies (T&T Clark/Bloomsbury). His responses were colorful and insightful, giving a hint into the direction of NT studies in the future how LNTS is staying ahead of the game.  […]

Jeanette Pifer on “What Makes a good Biblical Scholar or Theologian?”

“Humility, faith, faithfulness, worship.”
~Jeanette Hagen, Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

Academic Jobs in Biblical Studies and Theology: Sep 3–14, 2018

The past two weeks saw numerous job posts come in from California to the Netherlands, Australia to Portland. Happy hunting. Dean, School of Ministry Studies, Grace College & Theological Seminary, IN Donald I. MacLean, S.J. Jesuit Chair, Saint Joseph University, PA Bertram & Gladys Aaron Professorship in Jewish Studies, Christopher Newport University, VA Open Rank in […]

Recap of the British New Testament Conference 2018

Words and Photos by Tavis Bohlinger Last Friday morning at 6:45 am I boarded a train in SE London for a 1.5-hour journey to West London, where there lies a quaint, little town called Twickenham. There, at St Mary’s University, I was to meet a somewhat large gathering of biblical scholars attending the British New […]

Look. Listen. Receive. C.S. Lewis on Reading.

By Adam Shaeffer (PhD, Durham University) I love C.S. Lewis. I have read and reread his works more times than I can count. Whenever someone asks me which of his books is my favorite, I point to one that often garners puzzled looks: An Experiment in Criticism. It’s a brilliant little book that is something […]

Matthew Ryan Hauge on “What Makes a Good Biblical Scholar or Theologian?”

A good biblical scholar brings the text to life. The Bible is about meaning. And whether you are a Christian or not, the Bible can teach us about living a life that is meaningful. ~Matthew Ryan Hauge, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Azusa Pacific University

Teaching Outside Your Tradition: Four Suggestions Toward Transformational Pedagogy

by Amy L. Balogh | University of Denver As a professor who teaches Hebrew Bible and Judaic studies courses across Colorado’s Front Range while also working at the University of Denver’s Center for Judaic Studies, my non-Jewish identity is a topic of conversation more often than one might expect. These exchanges, as awkward as they […]

Max Botner on “What Makes a Good Biblical Scholar or Theologian?”

From my perspective, a good biblical scholar is someone who is immersed in the primary sources, has a firm grasp of the history of the discipline, and communicates clearly with and listens to the voices of others. A healthy dose of self-awareness about one’s own ideological commitments is also in order—after all, the vast majority […]