The Purest Act of Pleasure: Why God Delights in Election

Unconditional election is God’s decision to choose a people for himself, a bride, from out of all the God-ignoring sinners on earth.

God will begin with a whore and make himself a splendid spouse. This bride is the object of his eternal love. She …

The Joy Project: An Introduction to Calvinism

True happiness is not found. The deepest and most enduring happiness breaks into our lives, overcomes our boredom, and ultimately finds us.Learn More

What 40-Year-Old David Platt Would Say to His 20-Year-Old Self

David Platt, like all of us, has past regrets and future hopes. Here’s what he would say to his 20-year-old self.Listen Now

Twelve Tips for Parenting in the Digital Age

Who is iGen?

Kids between the ages of 6 and 23 fall into a generation now getting labeled Post-Millennial or Gen Z or iGen. I want to introduce you to the research on this generation, then process the implications for pastors, leaders, and parents…

God Put You on the Pale Blue Dot: Why Your Small Life Is Not Meaningless

Just before NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft left our Solar System in 1989 to take atmospheric readings from interstellar space, the late astronomer Carl Sagan, then a member of the mission’s imaging team, entreated officials to turn the camera backward to …

You Were Made to Play: Five Reasons God Created Us to Recreate

Children laugh and play with puppies and hamsters. Boys and girls twirl and dance in the rain, squeal in the mud, and swim in public pools in the summer and in snow piles in the winter. They play tag and hide-and-seek. They run and evade and hunt.

Spring Sports and Sunday Church: Five Suggestions for Parents

Serious athletes surround Mary Kassian, a celebrated author and speaker, and co-founder of the True Woman Movement.

Her father-in-law played professional ice hockey for the Canadian National Team. Her three sons are all accomplished athletes, two …

The Good Shepherd in Humboldt: Finding Comfort in the Sovereignty of Christ

The tragedy of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team is hard to process. Eyewitness testimonies from the scene Friday evening are unspeakable. People have been asked not to share photographs from the chaotic scene, and so far it seems they haven’t.


Did the Simpsons Ruin a Generation?

My generation was raised on The Simpsons.

The popular cartoon is postmodern TV at its finest: liberated from prolonged storylines, a series of jests sprinkled in every fifteen seconds (to capture anyone who just tuned in), often self-referencial …

A Movie So Good It Ruins You: Would You Watch It?

It’s the question the late David Foster Wallace puts before every reader of his novel Infinite Jest, the Shakespearean book title that doubles as the name of a movie within the encyclopedic tale.

In the story, the movie Infinite Jest so captivate…