Philippians 2:19–24: Happy People Live for Others

The happiest people are happy when others are. The most mature love is the love that delights in others’ joy.Watch Now

Revoice and the “Idolatry” of the Nuclear Family (Richard D. Phillips)

When the Obergefell case was argued before the US Supreme Court to establish the right to gay marriage, many saw little threat to religious liberty. It became clear, however, that the approval of same-sex marriage would in fact result in the delegitim…

Entertainment Choices and Compromise

At a recent Ask Me Anything event in India, I was asked if I felt Christians often disconnected their entertainment choices from their faith, especially in the area of watching Hollywood and Bollywood films. Here is my response. Transcript Do you think that Christians often disconnect their entertainment choices from their faith? It’s actually a really good question and I think one of the big areas of compromise into the Christian life. One of the ways compromise comes into our …

A La Carte (September 25)

I would love to see you at next year’s G3 conference (January 17-19 in Atlanta, GA). If you’ve been thinking of going, you’ll want to know that registration pricing rises tomorrow, so you’ll save money by purchasing tickets today. (Yesterday on the blog: How to Pray Like a Pastor) The Briefing I appreciated Al Mohler’s attempt to think carefully and biblically about the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. “Once we, as a society, begin to accept that it really doesn’t matter and …

Living as Dual Citizens

Here’s an excerpt from Living as Dual Citizens, Justin Taylor contribution to the September issue of Tabletalk:
It was not easy to trap Jesus in ethical or theological dilemmas. But that did not stop the Jewish leaders from trying. Jesus made it clear …

Summer Internship Highlights: Nick Davis

M.Div. student Nick Davis interned at Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church in Tucson, AZ this past summer.

Worry can be changed

The fact that most worriers can trace their worries back to childhood and even to their parents indicates that it sometimes has a genetic component.

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Ministry Introverts, Why you need good friends, Millennials and Perfectionism, Living Dangerously

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Theological Primer: The Nature of Church Power

From time to time I make new entries into this continuing series called “Theological Primer.” Today we will look at the nature of church power.

Were Evangelicals Really Silent about Roe v. Wade?

The idea that evangelicals were silent at first about legalized abortion is a myth.