Recommended Biographies of Christian Women

Biographer Faith Cook gives us five recommended biographies of women from church history, along with a short bonus list of six books recommended by Michael Haykin.

Considering (and surviving) unhealthy Christian organizations, Part 2

In part one, Ed shared six signs you may be working in an unhealthy Christian organization. Here’s part two on how to discern from God when he might want you to leave or stay.
Some interesting things occurred in response to that first post. More…

Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Your pastor has probably been contacted recently and encouraged to publicly endorse candidates for elected office this coming Sunday, October 7th. Is it wise for him to do so? Should ministers stand up to the “tyranny” of the IRS, or is endorsing candidates and their policies an abuse of their office? Dr. Brian Lee is […]

Shannon Macfarlane Sproul

It was beautiful. There a few rows ahead of me during Lord’s Day worship sat a father with his children. As the congregation sang, this father sang over, with, and to one of his daughters who was bound to a wheelchair. The father delighted in this and…

The Commitment of the Christian Life

The Apostle Paul was fond of using athletic metaphors in his call for distinctly Christian lives. Romans 12:1 is just one example: “I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and…

Keeping Covenant with our Youth

Each month the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary sponsors a “webinar,”which is a new e-term for an internet seminar that people can access via their computer.  A PowerPoint presentation accompanies a 30-40 minute lecture usually done by a professor or pastor on a variety of topics.  From “Facebook and Faith” to “Is Your Church Healthy?” to […]

How We Should View the Warning Passages (3)

Part 2 There are passages in the NT that might be described as “warning passages.” The first passage that might come to mind is the stern warning in Hebrews 4 to those Jewish . . . Continue reading →

A La Carte (10/4)

72 Hour Sale – Westminster Books is having a great 72 hour sale (though I believe 24 of those hours have already elapsed). Quite a few new and notable books are deeply discounted. I recommend Sexual Sanity for Men, Delighting in the Trinity, and The Se…

Reading the Psalms with Powlison

The Psalms Are for You Now
The Psalms are often our go-to Scriptures because they are so immediately digestible in an “I…” format.
“The LORD is my shepherd;I shall not want…Even though I walk through the valley…You are with me.” (Psalm 23…

Dual Citizens: Getting Oriented during Election Season

As we enter the home stretch for the US Presidential election, it’s important to remember both our spiritual and earthly obligations, the purpose of government, and the dangers of caring too much or too little about politics.