What the Bible Says About Anger

I suppose it should come as no surprise that the Bible has a great deal to say about anger. Anger is, after all, not only a result of sin but also a common cause of sin. Here is what the Bible has to say:It is good to be slow to anger. Those who a…

WHI-1124 | Is “The Easy Way” Always Best?

There is a deeply held assumption in today’s culture of affluence that hard work should generally be avoided, and that everything should be quick, fun, and easy. But what are the implications of these worldly assumptions for Christian discipleship? The answer is seen all around us: churches don’t place demands but only gratify their parishioners, most Christian bookstores stock their shelves with fluffy “get spiritual quick” type resources, and kids in Sunday school work with crayons, glue and glitter, but are rarely found memorizing Bible passages or catechism answers. Is the easy way always best? That’s what’s on tap this week at White Horse Inn.

The Word creates enduring community

Christians have been born again into a new inheritance that makes us strangers and aliens within the wider culture (1 Pet. 1:1–4).
We are called to live on the margins. But the act of rebirth also births us into a new family (1 Pet. 1:22–2…

Weekend A La Carte (10/20)

I Want to Die in the Trenches – “The local church is the front line of ministry. In the battle against the spiritual forces of evil, the church is the trench. Christ’s bride is dug in, charged up, and ready to die for the freedom of souls. …

How Can We Pray for You?

As always I give thanks for the prayers of God’s saints on my family’s behalf. One of the best lessons learned over months of mourning has been the experience of being held up by the prayers of the saints. We who are Reformed aren’t always the most ade…

Going back to believable evangelism

“Evangelism” has become a byword. It has fallen to the wayside in Christian vocabulary. Some see it sitting in the gutter; others walk by without noticing at all. Some have replaced it with “missional” and others have replaced …

Shabir Ally – Is Muhammad Prophesied in the Bible?

Shabir Ally discusses alleged prophesies about Muhammad in the Bible: Song of Solomon 5:16; Deuteronomy 18:15-18.

Shabir Ally – Is Muhammad Prophesied in the Bible? is a post from Is the Quran the Word of God?

Audio: A Plan, A Plague, and a Passover (Ex 12:1-13, 29-32)

A Plan, A Plague, and A Passover.

What the Church Might Learn From Ford

I was driving through town and I noticed the logo on a Ford truck and I was impressed by how well the artwork has held up since the 1920s. That made me think . . . Continue reading →

A New Great Books Program from a God-Centered Perspective

What does it mean to approach the Great Books from the perspective of Christian hedonism? John Piper talks about this with one of the architects of a new undergraduate major.