You Won’t Make It Alone: Five Reasons You Need Good Friends

As Australian nurse Bronnie Ware cared for the dying, she heard them express five common regrets again and again. So, what is one of the deepest regrets of the dying? Not prioritizing friendship. On our deathbeds, most of us will wish we connected more…

What Part Does God Play in Positive Social Change?

When good happens in society — a government is fixed, slavery is abolished, or minorities are given equality — is God secretly at work?Listen Now

Thank God for the IMB

As I continue my year of so much travel, and as 2018 begins to draw to a close, I find myself pondering themes. What are some of the themes I have seen or experienced as I’ve traveled 16 countries across 5 continents? What are some of the common elements I can identify? I’ll have much more to say about this in the future, but for today I want to tell about the one that continually that rises to the top: …

God Parted the Seas for You

“The Lord is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation. . . . Who is like you, O Lord, among the gods? Who is like you, majestic in holiness, awesome in glorious deeds, doing wonders?” –Exodus 15:2, 11

If only we could see …

The English Congregationalists And Presbyterians Confessed The Rule Of Worship

XVI. That God is to be worshipped according to His own will, and that only in and through Jesus Christ. A New Confession of Faith (1654) in James T. Dennison Jr., ed., Reformed Confessions of the 16th and 17th Centuries in English . . . Continue readin…

Academic Jobs in Biblical Studies and Theology: Sep 15-22, 2018

This week has seen over 30 new postings in the lead-up to SBL in Denver, with jobs on offer from New York to Singapore, Indiana to Chile. Happy Hunting. President, Christian Theological Seminary, IN Executive Vice President and Dean, Brite Divinity School, TX Dean, School of Ministry Studies, Grace College and Seminary, IN Sophia Moses […]

Philippians 2:19–24: The Others-Oriented Life

If God has placed others-oriented men and women in your life, he has done so expecting that, by his grace, you might imitate them.Watch Now

Expedition 30: Two Houses

Here’s the video for Expedition 30 in Exploring the Bible.

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Weekend A La Carte (September 22)

Today’s Kindle deals include a pretty good list of deals on some new books, some older ones, and a very good study Bible. (Yesterday on the blog: How We Ordain a Pastor) What’s the Main Concern for Christian Parents When It Comes to Gender? “In teaching classes and seminars, I have noticed that what the older generation rejects, and what the middle generation isn’t sure of, the youngest generation likely adopts. But adopting culture’s understanding of sex and gender requires jettisoning …

Heidelcontest: First Person To Answer This Question Wins A Free Copy Of On Being Reformed (UPDATED)

Thanks to the generosity of Crawford Gribben (who organized the project and did the thankless work of herding cats), we have a copy of On Being Reformed: Debates Over A Theological Identity to give away. Be the first person to call the . . . Continue r…