Announcing Our 2019 Caribbean Study Cruise

If we want to know God and His Word, we must know and live the Psalms. The book of Psalms is at the center of the Bible, and it features the core themes of Scripture and displays all the emotions of human experience. On March 17-24, 2019, join us as w…

How to Respond to: “Being Gay is Not a Sin so Stop Using God to Justify Prejudice and Hate”

The following post is a response to this comment found on social media:”Being GAY is not a CRIME. And it is not a SIN.: Stop using God to justify your prejudice. Religion is about Loving one another, You’re just looking for an excuse to hate.”If someon…

Schedule for St Andrews Atonement Symposium is Live

TheLAB is pleased to release the schedule for the 2018 St Andrews Symposium for Biblical and Early Christian Studies. The symposium includes plenary addresses from Christian Eberhart, Deborah Rooke, David Moffitt, David P. Wright, Martha Himmelfarb, Carol Newsom, Catrin Williams, and N. T. Wright, as well as over 50 short papers from junior and senior […]

What Is Definite Atonement?

In this brief clip from our 2012 Theology Night, R.C. Sproul explains that God’s purpose in the atonement was limited and definite.

What is in view here is God’s purpose, His design. Did God intend, when He sent into the world His Son to di…

Did Calvin’s Theology, Piety, and Practice Need To Be Rounded Out With Müntzer’s? (2)

In the first installment we considered Thomas Müntzer’s continuationist (as its called now) doctrine of revelation, his relation of the Word of God to the Holy Spirit in contrast to that of the author of the Belgic Confession (1561), Guido (or Gu…

Calvin On Jesus’ Stance Toward Civil Government

Now it is certain that our Lord did not want to change anything about the government (police) or the civil order, bus without reviling it in any way, he made his office, for which he came into the world, that of forgiving . . . Continue reading →

When Your Child Sins, Good News! (David Prince)

Too often, parents respond to their child’s sin by focusing on how our child is letting them down. They make it clear that the child is failing to live up to the family standard of righteousness. Such an approach fails to clarify God’s standard of rig…

If You Love God, Listen to Him: Five Reasons to Read the Bible Every Day

Christians must be Bible people.

Over the years, I have spent many hours pleading with people to see that sentence as true. Sadly, it strikes many as novel, edgy — or worse, irrelevant.

Maybe it’s because those three words ring of one of the…

One Hope for Unity

We will never have racial reconciliation without the gospel, and we deny the gospel itself if we reject reconciliation. We can never separate root and fruit.Watch Now

The Best Argument for Using a Printed Bible

I admit it: I use an electronic Bible. Better said, I use an electronic device that has a Bible app installed on it. Several years ago I put away my printed Bible in favor of Logos on my iPad. There is a lot I love about this: I love the convenience of being able to have my Bible with me at just about any time; I love the ease of needing just a single tap to take me from my …